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You can now use smartphones and tablets to access this website-portal



Please use the Patient Access Portal for communication with our office. Start by clicking the Create Account link in the Patient Access tab (Upper Right on the home page). It needs an activation code that our office can give you. After setting your account you can submit refill requests and messages, check your future appointments, and see a limited amount of information from your record. On a temporary one-time basis, you may use the New Patient Application link to send us a message. New Patient Application link should not be used repeatedly and should not be used to create a new account.


Telemedicine Visits

We will send a link to the cell phone and email that we have on file for you.  You will not need to download any app for this. Simply click on the link that we send to you.  Smartphones are preferred for better communication but a laptop or iPad may be used If no smartphone is available. Google  Chrome or Firefox  work better for most of our patients.  Please install these browsers in advance.  Also install the Google Meets and Zoom apps on your device in case there is a problem connecting to our link. If you are unable to do a televideo visit and need to come to office, the patient and a maximum of one family member can come. Everyone  coming to office needs to wear a mask.

Please have a set of headphones or earbuds ready for your telemedicine visit in case the audio is not working. Please make sure you are nicely settled at home or at your work in privacy with your smartphone connected to Wi-Fi as possible.  Running an errand at the time of your visit takes away from the seriousness of the work that we do together.

When the telehealth connection is poor, it can be helpful to log off and immediately log back on.




Step 1. Initial Review

Please go to the Patient Access tab (Upper Right on the home page) and use the New Patient Application link to submit requested information. Please fill out the form in one sitting as it does not save  your information over time. Dr Rustagi will review the information to see if our small practice is likely to meet your needs. Our office manager will review the insurance network status. It can take up to 3 business days for us to respond to you. If your needs can not wait that long, or if you do not hear back from us within 3  business days, please call us at 260-484-1312 after completing the new patient application. PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT in network with UNITED Healthcare or CareSource, and we are currently not accepting new patients with Humana, Tricare, or Medicaid. We are closed Friday through Sunday, except for the second Friday and Saturday of the month.


Step 2: Signing consent and setting appointment

After the initial review, we will send you an activation code to establish a regular portal account.  Click the CREATE ACCOUNT link to enter the Activation Code along with patient Date of Birth. DO NOT RESTART NEW PATIENT APPLICATION. After setting this account, please read our Privacy Policy and documentation about medication precautions. Then read and sign “FW Psychiatry Consent.”   which is located in the Questionnaire section of the portal. We can schedule your initial evaluation  appointment only after this consent is signed.  

 While your appointment may be scheduled a few weeks away,  we are often able to see patients much sooner than their scheduled appointment based on a waitlist. Please let us know how much notice you need to take a sooner spot made available by someone else canceling an appointment.


Step 3: Clinical Information to prepare for appointment

Prior to your evaluation, as soon as possible, please complete the following questionnaires:

Physical symptoms review

Psychiatric symptoms review

Substance use and abuse questionnaire

History of physical illness and procedures

Development history questionnaire  (only for patients under age 18)

Vanderbilt Forms (only for patients under age 18)


The more information you give us in advance, the deeper and more accurate your discussion with the doctor can be.